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Facebook Changes

There are always minor Facebook changes from one week to the next, and each time, the collective status updates are full of complaints.  Hold onto your hats, Mamas, ’cause FB is about to roll out major changes in the form of the new Facebook Timeline.

And you know what?  Even if you hate change, you’ll remain on Facebook.

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Because Facebook really does connect people.  It helped you find your best friend from 8th grade.  It helped you pick the color of your front door.  It helped you gather thousands of people to pray for your hurt or sick kid/parent/friend/sister/self.  It allowed you to see your college roommate’s new baby when you couldn’t afford to visit in person.  It allowed you to announce your engagement or pregnancy or new baby’s name.  At night, there’s always someone awake to commiserate about a lack of sleep.

And “it’s free and always will be.”

If Facebook doesn’t stay ahead of the game, it’ll be swallowed in a few months.  The internet is full of change and Facebook — nay, you — must change with it.  Timeline was supposed to go live last weekend, and is now delayed until later this week pending a business complication and a judge’s orders.  My guess is that the social network giant will be able to go ahead with its plans, so get prepared and sign up for Timeline now.  Give yourself a good half hour to activate it, choose a cover photo and edit your life’s timeline info.

Steal my info and I'll stab you.

When the inevitable complaints happen after the updates occur, you can sit back with a smile — because if there’s one thing moms do well, it’s roll with change.

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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 10/07/2011 at 1:14 pm

    read this and the quote, “Life is Change, Princess” came to mind, then realized it was from Princess Bride and the quote is actually, “Life is Pain, Highness!” Either way, change is good! thanks for sharing, Erica!

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