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Weekly Round Up

This week has been a pile of crap. The Big Girl has been very sick. The kind of sick that results in hourly temperature taking and late night discussions about whether or not we should take her to InstaCare. Five straight days and nights of fever….not my favorite.

Day 3. Fun with stickers!

Did I mention that the Baby Boy is cutting two teeth? When I wasn’t coaxing pudding into my daughter’s mouth, I was doing my best to bob and weave around my sons desire to chew on my face.

Graham crackers taste better than moms face.

You guys, these two are already coordinating their efforts to take me down!

I did manage to hide in the bathroom and surf the internet on my phone a bit.* Here’s some of my favorite posts from this week.

I’m getting a wee bit burnt out on the apples + string cheese snack combo. Simple Mom has some great ideas for veggie-based snacks.

I love autumn. Check out this delicious sandwich that features apple butter from Not Without Salt. What’s more autumnal than apple butter?

My friend Adriane shared this on Pinterest—Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili. Yes, please.

Next week is “Soup Week” at Real Mom Kitchen. What a perfect way to spend the first week of October.

I loved this “My Life in 5 Photos” from Ali Edwards. I’m not big into scrapbooking, but this struck me as something I could do once a month or quarterly to chronicle my life.

I’m an only child so I am confident in my role as the “favorite”. When I had a second baby I worried A LOT about playing favorites. I love this post about favorites and the ebb and flow of parenting.

I have a secret obsession with glitter. You would never expect it of me, but I do. I love glitter and shimmer and sparkle. So does Amanda. 

I too, suck at small talk. Now I feel better about it. 

These colorful jars (candle-filled) will be gracing the railing of my deck next summer. Mark my words.


*I kid, I kid!

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  2. Shannon 09/30/2011 at 10:36 pm

    You poor girl! I hope next week is better!

  3. Becky 09/30/2011 at 10:01 pm

    Fun finds. I only wish I could have brought dinner to save you.