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National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Did you smell the sea salt on the air this morning? Hear the faint clang of a ship’s bell when you got into your car? Bypass the grocery store and set a course for Tortuga? Answer “Aye aye” to any question? That’s because it’s everyone’s favorite holiday: National Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Captain Jack Sparrow Approved

Yes, every September 19th, we roll out the “ARRRRrrrrr MATEYs” and “Thar she blows” for a celebration of all the scurvy scallawags and rum runners that ever furled a sail on the open sea.

Here are a few ideas for you landlubbers:

Polish up on your pirate talk with this English-to-Pirate translator or this pirate primer.

Making a paper pirate hat (use newspaper or craft paper for a larger sized hat)

Rum balls for after dinner? Try these from A Taste of Home.


Sword fighting tips!

Wrap up some lost treasure and lose it someplace in your home or garden. Draw a treasure map for your little mateys to find their swag!

Or maybe it’s just the day when you have your mateys swab the deck.  Every man for himself.


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