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Muffin Tin Lasagna

If you’ve ever asked if a recipe could be muffined – well you’ve got the answer now. It’s yes. Furthermore, it’s cute and delicious to muffinize your food. We found this recipe for muffin tin lasagna over at Can You Stay for Dinner:

muffin tin lasagna

I made this for a family party and they turned out amazing! I learned a few things as I went. A few tips:

  • Prepare all of your ingredients and measurements before hand
  • You’re going to be scared when you are doing your layers that you are going to overflow the muffin tin. Don’t be afraid. It will work out!
  • We substituted fresh oregano and basil instead of dry. Did you know that when you do that you need to use 3x as much fresh as you would dried? Now you do.

Full post and recipe


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