Get More Parents Volunteering and Do It SMARTER!

Busy Moms Do It Smarter!

Your kids want to see you in the classroom, right? You don’t have a lot of time, right? Busy moms are… BUSY!  Between working full time jobs or work-from-home jobs or just the dang dishes(!) moms are exhausted people.

But it’s been shown that children literally do better in school when parents are more involved. How do you help more and not get overwhelmed?

VolunteerSpot is a cool tech tool!

VolunteerSpot ( is a very simple, online coordinating tool that makes it easy for any room mom, teacher or parent to ask for help. (And more help equals a less exhausted mom!)

More than ¾ of a million people have already signed up to help using VolunteerSpot and our research shows that an average of 20 percent more volunteers get involved when our free electronic signup tools are used!

  • Simple Planning — VolunteerSpot works just like an online party invitation — you quickly and easily set up everything you need people to do or to bring and then you invite parents to sign up for their  ‘spot’.
  • Link Up! — Parents either get an emailed invitation or click a link on the classroom website or facebook page.
  • Easy Peasy — Click the link on your computer or smartphone screen to see all the shifts or items to be filled and choose the one that works for your schedule.
  • Never Forget Again — VolunteerSpot sends automated confirmation and reminder messages that help everyone keep their commitments.


  • Use it Anywhere — VolunteerSpot is also great for organizing the soccer snack schedule, swim team, Scout campout and fundraisers like school carnivals, bake sales and book fairs.


When more parents get involved, more kids are the winners. Go back to school with your kids this year! And right now you can help your school be a winner, enter to win $500 worth of school supplies for your school on the VolunteerSpot facebook page.

Brought to you by the team at VolunteerSpot….


About the author: Carissa Rogers is a busy mom of 3 and blogs at and VolunteerSpot. When she’s not playing photographer, leading the PTO, or chasing kids to and fro she’s connecting, consulting, freelancing and lots of other -ings …a mom of all trades

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