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Weekly Round Up: Married Folks Edition

Today is my 11th Wedding Anniversary. If you’re one of the, oh, four people that read this website AND know my husband, you are aware of how awesome he is. You’re probably also wondering how I managed to keep such a great guy in my grasp all these years.

You and me both, yo.

My love. And the reason my babies are so cute.


I’ve spent the last week going through photos of us for a special gift for him and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s year 11 that you finally look back and photos and start to feel your age (and perhaps some remorse about your hairstyle). Unless you are my sister-in-law, who is evidently the Dick Clark of our family and appears to not be aging.

While I wasn’t mooning over old photos or plotting to steal my sister-in-law’s anti-aging secrets, I found a few posts to share. Enjoy!

A great tutorial on making Sunbutter from Prudent Baby. Yum!

A sweet post on pregnancy and family from Jane of This Week for Dinner.

Pancakes or waffles before school? It can be done! Freeze and reheat instructions from Katie of Good Life Eats.

Marta shared some spectacular photos and inspiring words from Julian Bialowas on her blog.

A lovely nursery tour for a baby girl at Momtog.

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