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Weekly Round Up

My girl likes to keep me company whenever I need to pop into my office at home. Today, after enduring 5 minutes of 3-year-old-in-possession-of-a-helium-balloon lunacy, I encouraged her to find something quiet to play with. She came hustling back with the Mr. Potato Head bin. She tenderly and thoughtfully gave them eyes, ears, arms, feet, etc, positioned them carefully on the edge of my plastic chair mat, and then proceeded to growl ‘ARGH! TIME TO WALK THE PLANK!”

Whoa. Who knew working from home could get so intense.

Here’s hoping your weekend is intensity-free and fun-filled. When you need to sneak in to cool off, put your feet up and enjoy a few wonderful posts from around the web…

I love a-day-in-the-life posts from working moms. I always learn some new trick to making the day flow a bit more smoothly.

So many cool nuggets of beauty and mothering wisdom in this interview with a Makeup Artist to the stars.

I’m a big fan of moms unabashedly claiming time for themselves. Maybe the more we admit to needing it, the less guilty we can all feel about claiming it.

A new cocktail for each day of vacation? Where do I sign up to be friends with these ladies?

So. Funny.

I’m not laughing at Robert Pattinson, I’m laughing at the title of this post about Robert Pattinson.


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