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How to Picnic in Style

When was the last time you went on a real picnic? Not just take-out in the grass, but a meal enjoyed in a gorgeous natural setting? It’s time to make some plans!

Involve your kids: allow them to pick a spot. You pick the direction of the car; they tell you when you’ve reached your destination.

Think non-traditional:  how about a picnic at mom or dad’s office? Head to your city’s downtown and do some people watching, a farmer’s field (with permission of course.)

Pack one unexpected item: cards to play a game, a new food to try, a dessert from a fancy bakery, or water balloons.

And what about the gear? I’m powerless to resist a beautiful picnic basket set, what about you?

If you’re a classic kind of girl, how about this Piccadilly picnic set?

If you’re a modern sort of chick, what about this adorable Dotty Spot set?

Oh, I can hear you now, you’re a minimalist. Go South Asian and pick up a pair of Tiffin boxes for a smart picnic–Garam Masala optional. (Yes, those are three containers that stack and secure into one carrying device.)

Plan ahead for little bums and pick a blanket for your picnic. I love this bold stripe blanket from Land’s End.

I was raised with one blanket that did everything: my dad’s US Army GI blanket. It’s a workhorse, and there may be no more sturdy a blanket for a picnic. Plus, grass stains? Invisible.

What Should You Pack?

1. Le Classic for Two

1 baguette, 1 wedge of brie, a few slices of cured meat, maybe a hard boiled egg, grapes, and a chocolate bar to share. Don’t forget the drink: fizzyFrench lemonade

2. American Summer

Shrimp po’ boys, bean salad, watermelon wedges, and salt water taffy. Don’t forget the Coke basket!

3. Kid-Friendly Special

PB&Js cut into shapes with a cookie cutter, baby carrots, potato chips, and black and white cookies

smitten kitchen's black and white cookies

Happy picnic-ing!

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  1. Michelle Powell 07/28/2011 at 3:02 pm

    I love your posts, and your bio! So much fun! Thanks for the great post! 🙂