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July 4th BOOM! POW!

July 4th is my favorite holiday.  It’s the bomb.  No pun intended.

Yes, the holiday is to celebrate our country’s independence from the tyrannous British rule.  (By the way, any British history class will blip over our Revolutionary ruckus like it’s a flea in their many-thousands-of-years history.  *Sniff* It’s hilarious).  But since there’s no gifting and no large-scale decorating and usually no family commitments, there’s no pressure and this makes it a lovely holiday.

Choosing a destination for Independence Day is a nice option, as long as you keep it low key.  A bunch of our friends who live in Maine spend every July 4th boating out to a small island for a few days of camping and family merriment.  This year, my husband and I will celebrate at The Canyons Resort since I’ll be in Park City, preparing for evo’11.  I.Can’t.Wait.


Photo from The Canyons & Teresa DeWilde, via

But usually, I  stay home and luxuriate in having no commitments for the 4th.  If you’re looking for some low-key ideas, here’s what I recommend.

Berry Picking. Waiting for evening fireworks makes for a long day.  Find a pick-your-own-berries place.  If you take a picnic lunch, you’ll have half of your meal covered as you eat-while-you-pick.  You know…One for the bucket, one for me.

Or if it’s too cotton-pickin’ hot to pick berries where you live, you can go bowling for FREE! Brunswick Bowling Centers are offering one free bowling game each day from July 1-4.  Be sure to bring socks.  Bare summer feet in rental shoes?  Ew.


Make some yummy food. This day is pretty much the pinnacle for American grill food.

Firecracker Cupcakes by Noble Pig

Let the kids make pin wheels.  WHEE!

Bedtime, schmed-time.  Wait for it…wait for it…Darkness falls!

Find fireworks near you, or set off your own — abiding by laws and safety and all that.  Enjoy the pretty sparklies, check on the scared dog in your closet (or is that just mine?) and breathe in the acrid black powder smoke.

Look at your kids. See the utter enjoyment on their faces?  Your face probably looks about the same.


Lest we forget the tech geek in all of us, here’s a Fireworks App and a National Anthem App.

BOOM.  POW!  Aaaaah.

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