Father’s Day Gift Guide

Today’s Mama is happy to feature an actual father, Josh, with his ideas for this year’s Father’s Day gift. Josh is the dapper father to two brilliant and challenging boys, and possibly the world’s most amazing and beautiful girl. Welcome, Josh!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it is time to get those gifts bought, wrapped and under the Father’s Day Tree!

I know sometimes Dads can be a bit challenging to buy for (I can never think of what to get my own Dad), so I am here to offer some sage advice to hopefully ease your capitalistic adventures.

The secret about most Dads is this…

They will buy what they want, when they want it, for themselves. So they can be notoriously tricky to find gifts for. Your job is to think of things that he wouldn’t think of for himself. Here are my best bets:

A Book

I was an English major and I love to read, so a book is always on my list. Here are 3 books for 3 different kinds of dads.

For almost any dad:

Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff

This is the true story of a group of soldiers and members of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) whose sightseeing plane goes down in the jungles of New Guinea near the end of WWII. They are in the heart of the jungle and surrounded by what they think are cannibalistic natives. The story is pieced together from journals and eye witness accounts of people who were actually there. If your Dad loves history, this is the book for him.

For the classic Dad:

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

This is one of the great American Novels.

If your dad (or you!)  haven’t read it, you should. It won the Pulitzer in 1986 and deserved it. Lonesome Dove is a classic tale of two Texas rangers turned horse rustlers. You’ll mourn when it ends because you will miss the characters so much.

For the adventurous Dad:

The Terror by Dan Simmons

Warning: this book is not for every dad. It is a little dark and a bit racy. (i.e. there is sex!) But if the dad in your life is a fan of Steven King or paranormal stories, this book is for him.

In the 1840s two English ships (The HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror) set sail from England to find the Northwest Passage above from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Their ships are frozen in as winter approaches and they are forced to wait the spring thaw to resume their journey. And then people start disappearing. And the men start reporting seeing something out on the ice…


Not a Tie

Remember how you used to get your Dad ties for Father’s day?


Pocket Squares from Macy's

Well, in the world of casual Fridays every day of the week, the Dad in your life may not wear a tie all that often. So I suggest: the pocket square. It is that little piece of fabric that goes in the pocket on the front of your suit jacket that has probably never been unstitched. It gives Dad a way to show off a bit of personality, even if he is just throwing a blazer on over a polo and a pair of jeans.

Meat and Potatoes

Maybe your Dad is a bit more traditional. A little less “pocket square”, a little more “meat and potatoes.”

Why not cook him his favorite steak dinner and then present him with a new set of steak knives? Chances are his steak knives are old, or dull, or were a free gift from some vendor at his company for Christmas. And you can get a decent set of knives for not too bad of a price. This set of 8 is only $30 on Amazon! And they are Henckels! Those are good knives!


The Gift of Your Time
The best gift of all, especially for Mother’s and Father’s Day, is the gift of service. Think of the chore around your house your Dad complains about the most. Maybe it is pulling weeds. (Honey? Are you reading this?) Or mowing the lawn. Or washing out the trash can. Or inseminating the cattle (Hey! I don’t know your Dad.)

Whatever it is, do it for him while he is at work. Then, when he gets home on Friday night, hand him a cold beverage of choice and tell him he gets to spend his weekend relaxing and spending time with his kids.

Because that is what Dads really want to do anyway.

–Keep up with Josh at his blog “Part Time Authors”.

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  2. Carina Wytiaz 06/11/2011 at 1:30 am

    I really want to be the kind of woman who is married to the kind of man who wears a pocket square…

  3. Erica Fehrman 06/09/2011 at 8:33 pm

    Love this! And oddly enough, I have a friend whose job used to be inseminating pigs (not cows). That topic doesn’t come up every day, but is oddly funny when it does.

    I’m getting my husband a fire pit for FD. Your Lonesome Dove idea inspires me to get the movie on Blu-Ray for my dad. Thanks!

  4. Kacy Faulconer 06/09/2011 at 5:51 pm

    Very helpful. So I guess I should read Lonesome Dove, then.