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Memorial Day Plans for 2011

My grandmother picked out her cemetery plot herself: third tree from the left, right next to a busy highway. Why? “So you don’t have to stop, you can just wave as you’re driving by.”


Sorry grandma, we’re going to actually visit your grave on Memorial Day, like we always do. The rest of the year we’re happy to give you and grandpa a wave as we hurry past, but at least once a year we stop and visit. Later during the day we’ll gather as a family to have our first outdoor barbecue of the season. My mom will make her mediocre pasta salad and someone will cook the spare ribs until they’re shoe leather–tradition!

Memorial Day is the start of the summer driving season, but with gas prices heading north of $4 a gallon, are you still planning on hitting the road? Where do you go when you pack up the family? Is this your kick-off camping trip? Are you over the river and through the woods to eat your own mother’s mediocre pasta salad?

My son asked about the meaning of Memorial Day a few days ago, asking it if was something for soldiers. I explained how the holiday is meant for soldiers, but also for anyone who has passed away that we want to remember. Do you take time out of your day to visit family members who have passed? Spare a thought for the soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our country?

What are your plans for the first holiday of the summer?

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  1. Erica Fehrman 05/21/2011 at 6:29 am

    In our family, Memorial wk/e is synonymous with the Indy 500. It’s kind of a family reunion time for my inlaws so there are several cookouts and then on Sunday we go to the race. Gentlemen, start your engines!