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The Yay Friday Round Up

Well, hello there!

This morning I woke up with the overwhelming urge to purge. We’ve been knee-deep in finishing our basement since before Christmas. (An impending birth is a fantastic motivator to GET A MOVE ON.) My garage is filled with everything that had accumulated in the basement for the last 9+ years. I have no desire whatsoever to bring any of it back into, what has become, the world’s loveliest living space.

Someone warn my local thrift store….I’m about to bury them in Gap denim and khakis, circa 2001.

I’m off to make a hearty breakfast for my family to prepare us for the onslaught of carpet installation, goodwill sorting, touch up painting and furniture moving that awaits us. (Oh, sure…we’ll make a few trips out to the swing today too. Active toddlers are good nappers, dontcha know.)

Enjoy a few of the gems I found online this week:

Actually, Erica found this one. But it made me laugh my fanny off, so it gets the top spot.

Now that we’ve got a lovely basement, I’d like to, you know, buy some stuff at Costco. Here’s a good post on starting food storage that I’ll be referring to often.

Valentine’s cookies and pep talk for all of you that are SO OVER Valentine’s Day.

Brownie Bites! Always a good idea.

Well, it can’t be all cookies and brownie bites. How about Citrus Salad?

Okay…last Valentine’s post, I promise. Valentine’s Crafts from our Archive! (Good stuff, folks.)

Once again, The Happiest Mom saves me from myself. “The secret to keeping your house clean is…there is no secret.”

I need this. With my first baby, “nursing fashion” = “my robe”…for six months. Something tells me that won’t work with a toddler in tow.

And, my favorite post of the week: Silly Mom from Kristen Chase

Have a great weekend!

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