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The Yay Friday Round Up: 2011 Week One

So far, my 2011 has been full of kleenex, doctor visits and Vicks Vapo Rub. My sweet kiddo and I have come down with the nastiest cold! (Hence posting the “Yay FRIDAY Round Up” on Saturday.

Here are few things I came across this week, between watching back-to-back episodes of Curious George and administering teaspoonfuls of honey.

I loved the post on decorating your home from Lisa Byrne. I need a little zen near my sink too.

Now I know what to do with the Christmas cards that are still taped to my coat closet door. Thanks, Design Mom!

I like how Marta chronicled her favorite photos from 2010.

Tackling a big fitness goal this year? Go get inspired by someone that spent 2010 losing and learning, big time.

I’ve been wondering about the technical definition of “badassery”, now I know.

Ali’s “One Little Word” is taking the blog world by storm. I picked “Simple” for 2011. Go check out the list of reader submitted words for the year. It’s never to late to pick your word.

Like I needed another reason to love a good loaf of rustic bread. Jane’s bread pudding experiment has me drooling.

Image via This Week For Dinner, by Jane Maynard

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