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This Bag Saved My Booty

Back in August “Walkin’ Bag” sent me and my compadres with bags to haul our stuff and to review on our BlogHer trip. The entire time I kept showing off to my peeps about how my bag was multi-directional the way that it rolled – it was really handy that I could get it to roll the narrow way down the aisle in the plane – and on a smooth surface it hauls booty. I kept trying to make Breanne feel bad that she left hers at home. When she saw me swivel my bag down aisle of the airplane I think she did.

Some of my bags impressive features:

  • It fit so much more than the eye beholds
  • I really dug that I could roll it at my side instead of dragging behind me
  • The bag rolls very smoothly (and zippy fast)
  • I totally envied Erica’s bright orange bag. There is a cute green one too.
  • But the real moment came, when we arrived to our gate a full 2 hours early (hey ladies, not taking any chances this time around) and there were no seats to be found to wait in. Breanne had been poking fun at a certain feature of my bag that she said was for the elderly. But seriously – how happy was I to go to a little corner of the JFK madness and bust out the freaking SEAT on the back of my bag! I was happy as a clam! It’s comfy and can seriously hold 300 pounds. Who’s laughing now Bre? This bag is my BAG! 😀

    Erica and Breanne both got to review a bag on our BlogHer trip – and here are their parting thoughts:

    From Breanne
    So yeah. I didn’t bring my Walkin’ Bag on the trip with us. And I never heard the end of it. But I’ve made up for it in subsequent trips in the last few months.

    I will say that for me every travel adventure starts with a very important decision; which piece of luggage is the best for this trip? Most of the time I have been disappointed with my options and ultimately my choice. Until now.

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel with a Swany laptop carry-on with seat from Walkin’ Bag. I loved it and here is why…

    Durability: Even though it is very light weight it feels and looks very well made.
    Design: Beautiful royal red material makes is a stylish accessory and easy to identify. The light tan interior makes finding all my black technology gadgets possible.
    Functionality: This bag is all about function. The fold down seat, the 360 swivel wheels that roll any direction on a dime, multiple slots and pockets, full access opening, and detachable frame. What’s not to love.
    Buy Again?: Absolutely.
    Overall: I am a better and happier traveler thanks to the Walkin Bag.

    From Erica
    (the one who brought her bag on the trip) 😉
    Walkin’ Bag: Fortuno, Lightweight Rolling Tote Bag

    The lightweight rolling tote bag is meant for indoor and light urban use. The fabric is stylish and wipes off easily, but doesn’t seem meant for scraping along a cement sidewalk or lugging through bad weather. I loved it in NYC and for rolling around a conference but wouldn’t take it to, say, Wyoming.

    The reason I knocked down a few stars is due to the computer toting space. There’s plenty of room for a laptop, but I like to keep my computer in a separate space from my other things. The main compartment in this bag is just one open section. I didn’t have a computer sleeve so I found a nice one at Marshall’s for $10. Even with the sleeve, it would be nice to have a divider so I don’t squish my other stuff with the computer. Of course someone else would argue that open space is nice for non-computer toting, so it’s more of a toss-up than a deal-breaker.

    When I’m schlepping my stuff through the airport, it’s nice to have wheels. But when I get on the airplane, I like to keep my bag with me, under the seat. The ability to quickly and easily unsnap the bag from the wheely base was awesome. The base goes in the overhead bin and my bag is with me. And thanks to those wheels, my shoulders don’t ache from running between terminals with 20 pounds of airport necessities.

    Buy Again?
    Yep, sho’ would!

    I’m happy with the bag. I don’t tend to spend much money on luggage needs, and after using this bag I better understand the balance of good design and functionality in something that is typically pretty utilitarian.

    So there you have it from these 3 Mama’s – if you’re flying the friendly skies this holiday season or simply looking for a great gift for the traveler in your family you best be checkin’ out the Walkin’ Bag.

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