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Give Back!

I was given an awesome opportunity to check out and the chance to create my own foundation with $500 to donate wherever I’d like. So now, even though I’m not swimming in pools of money, I have my own little foundation – and could have one with even just a few dollars to put in it.

Here is how it works:

What is GiveBack? from GiveBack on Vimeo.

How I can “Give Back”
I chose two charities for my “GiveBack” account:

  • Intermountain Medical Center
  • Primary Children’s Medical Center
  • As many of you know my husband was recently in a car accident. Adding an additional layer of stress was the fact that we were in between health insurance plans. Aside from this time in my life, I can say that I have had health coverage every other mili-second of my life since birth. And of course as luck would have it – the biggest medical catastrophe of our lives hit exactly when we didn’t have health insurance.

    I remember sitting in the ICU when the girl who came around to handle the financial details regarding insurance and all of that good stuff and all I wanted to do was throw up. I knew that logically they would never turn someone out in such life threatening condition, but in my irrational state all I could say through tears was “We don’t even have insurance. We are the patients you probably dread. Please don’t pull the plug”.

    To which the girl responded — “Oh no — you do not need to worry. We have all kinds of programs for assistance and we would never turn anyone away based on ability to pay. And the quality of care you will receive will not change at all.” Nothing changed in our medical care. We still had access to the best surgeons and treatments that were available and we were never treated a bit differently, except with total understanding.

    And in so many places I read this:

      Intermountain Healthcare’s mission is to provide medically necessary and generally available healthcare to the communities we serve regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

    So for that reason, I chose as my two charities Intermountain Health Care and Primary Childrens Medical Center Foundation. I chose Primary Childrens as well because I watched my little sister and my parents navigate a lifetime of health care there for her.

    Those are awesome specs Mom!

    Now I don’t have buckets of cash to give, especially this holiday season, but I can find ways to feed my personal foundations through the regular actions that I take.

    For instance, I’m doing as much of my holiday shopping online as possible – and a lot of it through places like eBay. If I log into my GiveBack account, I can dedicate a percentage of my purchase back to my foundation. I would be making the purchases anyway, especially for the holidays, and I can take care of my little charitable account at the same time.

    Quick Review
    Setting up an account and shopping for my charity was easy. The way it’s set up is awesome from a record keeping and financial tracking perspective. It really would make tax time a lot easier to be able to pull charitable giving reports from here. You can use to donate to foundations or even manage your religious charitable giving. So even if you don’t feel like you have a lot to give – GiveBack makes it easy and helps you find more opportunities and resources to make a difference.

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