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Take Note: This is How You Thank a Mom

I’m a sucker for seeing sweet treatment heaped on moms.  Since becoming a mom myself, almost 3 years ago, I have a new appreciation for the mom towing two under two through the grocery story, or the mom of tween and teen boys that I saw negotiating back to school clothing decisions at the mall this summer.

Because once you become a mother you know that the small things, like…oh, getting a toddler to put on some pants, can be a wee bit taxing. There is a reason that Mother’s Day has become synonymous with “send mom to the spa”, because pampering takes on a whole new level of luxury when you’re navigating the blissful and tiring tides of motherhood.

So it made the TodaysMama staff give a collective “awwww!” when we heard that Proctor & Gamble pampered the mothers of the service men and women that received the USO Serviceman of the Year award at the USO’s annual Gala in Washington D.C. These moms weren’t just pampered, they were given makeovers by top D.C. beauty pros.

P&G set up shop in the Presidential Suite at The Marriot Wardman Park Hotel to create the P&G Beauty Room—a spot where military moms had their hair and makeup done for the big night.  The P&G Beauty Room was also made available to the wives of the honored servicemen. (Because when you’re going to see your child or husband awarded a military honor, best to do it with some waterproof mascara on those lashes.)

Can you imagine? Spending the afternoon relaxing and being pampered and capping your glamorous evening by seeing your son or daughter honored for their military service?  Props to P&G  and their Proud Sponsor of Moms campaign, for reaching out to thank the moms that raised the children that would become USO Serviceman of the Year.

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