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The YAY Friday Round Up

This week my girl graduated from toddler to full-blown kiddo as she mastered her Radio Flyer Tricycle. I’m anticipating a great many more trips up and down the sidewalk this summer.

As we count down the minutes to the actual weekend, here a few online goodies I wanted to share…

Photo credit: Kamee June

There is no shortage of pretty things on the web, but these photos are a breathtaking balance of beautiful and smoking hot. Someone get me a fan.


“There’s no need to vogue.” And then I passed out from the laughing.


I love hearing what everyone thought of evo ’10. Rachel from Black Eiffel shares her experience.


July is the month that I start my Christmas idea lists. (Although you wouldn’t have known it last year when I wast flailing around Costco on December 23rd grabbing anything that wasn’t nailed down.) So for obvious reasons I am eagerly awaiting the ideas from Christmas In July from Skip to my Lou.


Pretty bulletin boards. But did you see the part where she made it out of reusable grocery bags?  That she bought for a dollar. Whoa.


A perfect gift for the family that is welcoming another child. (Well, maybe the 2nd best gift, next to taking all of their kids to the pool so they can nap.)


I made this Chicken Salad Sandwich and served it to the boss lady. I replaced the celery with cashews (because I think celery is NAS-TAY). We couldn’t shove it in our mouths fast enough.


Photo credit: Pancakes & French Fries

This post from Pancakes and French Fries should get the humble pie merit badge. Great stuff from an amazing writer.


Helen and I obviously have different standards. This list of food for unexpected guests will be my “List of Food to Serve for Get Togethers Planned Months in Advance.” My point —it’s tasty and easy. That’s how I roll.

Have a great weekend, mamas!


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Comments (3)

  1. Tiffany 07/17/2010 at 4:45 pm

    I love the photo of your daughter, plus lots of great weekend reading. Thanks, as always!

    P.S. My husband wants to be in your anti-celery club.

  2. erica_f 07/16/2010 at 3:43 pm

    Look at that big girl trike! So cute. And love your round-up. You always find the bestest stuff. Plus there's another reason for us to be kindred spirits: detesting celery. Boo-yah.

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