Five Best Obscure YouTube Videos for Kids

Bethany Hardy knows how to beat the heat. Quality time with the kiddos and good old YouTube videos. Here are here picks:

Residents of the nation’s capital are no strangers to hot and sticky summers. This year has been no different, with the humidity arriving even earlier than usual. Last week – and for many days last month – we saw temps in the 100s, which meant no one could do anything other than sit inside in the air conditioning and pray for some relief. (As for those poor souls without A/C, well, we shudder to think how they managed.)

Now we are dealing with some much-needed rain, but the problem remains the same: we’re confined indoors for yet another day.

When I’m stuck inside with my kid on a summer day (grumbling over the irony of it all), I tend to do one of two things:

a) go through as many scenarios of imaginary play as humanly possible (playing “Mommy’s Rocket Ship Bed” for the 27th time is sanity-stretching, to say the least)


b) look to my all-time best friend, YouTube, for relief.

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