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EVO’10 – A few of my favorite things

There was simply too much!

The Entertainment

The Dueling Piano Man - Rapping!

The Dueling Piano’s

How can a piano throw down rap and hop hoppy tunes like they did! Erin also told me that I have no moves. As in moves on the dance floor. She just hasn’t seen me in all my glory . . . yet. (cc: Marie & Allison)

  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Snoop Dog!
  • Beyonce
  • One Eskimo shot an amazing video of their performance of Kandi
    (note the very cool drumset, and the very cute guitar player that looks like Heath Ledger)

    The Cowboys at the Closing Party

    Cowboy Up!

    @tipjunkie and @jennyonthespot getting all Wild West!

    The Photography

    If you haven’t checked out the Flickr stream yet, cozy up with your laptop after the kids go to bed, set the EVO Group Flickr stream to “Slideshow” and enjoy 1,700 fabulous photos! (and if you haven’t added yours yet, cozy up with your laptop and ADD THEM NOW!)


    Chookooloonks said things to me that might make you blush to get this picture of me! Check out her 1,000 Faces Evo Edition posts – there are some smokin’ hot ladies there!

    Also be sure to check out one of her latest videos where you will see some of those faces.

    The Food

    I don’t really have words for this Watermelon Punch that was served in the food workshop. Located recipe to post shortly!

    And of course the food from Chef Mercko and his boys in the food blogging workshop was out of control. Click here for some of the recipes!

    I’ve been waiting and waiting to try Beignets ever since I saw the Princess and the Frog. They were amazing!

    Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes

    What more do I need to say? They had the mini’s at the closing party and I think I had a half dozen peanut butter chocolate ones. I’ve been back to her sweet little bakery 3 times since EVO to fulfill my need to ingest inordinate amounts of that specific cupcake.

    The Friends

    So many good peeps – so little time! Some of my favorite snaps I’ve stolen from the EVO Flickr stream . . .

    Straight Up. (@jet_set and me)

    Fellow MC (master of ceremonies & crime) @jylmomif

    That Karen Walrond is an OG!

    Jon and Andrea did an amazing job - and check out her shoes!

    Face it, this girls got great hair (and makes great jewelry too)

    Such cute little Scandinavian Child peeps!

    Lovely Ladies

    Ending it all with a lift ride up the mountain!

    And of course the wrap ups! If you haven’t read the other blog posts about EVO’10 yet – check out this growing list of amazing posts!

    I’ll probably keep adding to this post as I continue to pilfer photos from our Flickr stream! More updates to come!

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    1. Beckyljames 07/22/2010 at 12:57 pm

      It was an amazing conference with such talented people. The Crafting Chicks can't stop thinking about it and how fun next year will be!

    2. BenSpark 07/21/2010 at 5:42 am

      I have been loving the Flickr Stream. So many great people that I was able to meet throughout the event. I would have loved to have seen One Eskimo but the trip to the Waldorf was so worth it. I had so much fun and cannot for the life of me wait for next year. I'm bringing the family.

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