Saving Your Ears

The time has come.  I’m cleaning out my iTunes trying my best to make it more kid friendly.  My kids have started to repeat things and they understand what the rock stars are saying when they are singing.  Not really grasping concepts yet, but certainly getting the swears, oh those hidden swears.  Argh.  So I thought I would share with you a little gem, a semi-oldie but absolute goodie for your kiddles in the car.  Something that doesn’t make you stuff your purse with ear plugs.

Have you tried Mates of State?  If not, write that down, then find My Only Offer online, listen and try not to smile.  Let your kids listen and I dare say, they’ll ask for it again.

It’s a band that can relate to you as a parent.  The pair has two adorable small girls, Magnolia and June, who they tote along on each tour.  They are raising them in a responsible rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle which will churn out some pretty talented interesting kids.  She plays keyboards, he plays drums; its as cute as it sounds.

Disclaimer:  I listen as any busy mama does: distracted.  I have not yet discovered any swears on this album.  So if there is one that your child grabs hold of I am sincerely sorry, and I hope he doesn’t yell it out in the middle of church, unless I’m there to enjoy it.

Need more distractions online?  Check out the mama half of Mates of State on, she writes the Band on the Diaper Run blog.

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  2. Bethanyhardy 06/29/2010 at 11:18 am

    PS – I should say that the only reason he likes the ecstasy song is because there are fire trucks (sirens) at the beginning of it.

    Mother of the Year, I tell ya!

  3. Bethanyhardy 06/29/2010 at 11:17 am

    Good stuff. My 3 yo currently loves a song by Aphrodite that involves the line, “Trippin' on X, I want to f— too much,” during which I always cough, loudly. My friend said that strategy will work only until he comes in to preschool and announces exactly that. And thanks for the song tip – this band looks cool. I love Kid Music Selections that Don't Annoy Me Out of My Mind. Cheers!