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Weekly Round Up

I’ve just returned from Costco with the most glorious dose of happy flowers.  I’ve been known to splurge on a $9 bouquet every once in awhile, but since it’s my birthday this weekend, I thought I’d go crazy and blow twenty bucks.  The results are delightful.

Enjoy a few of my favorite Local Perspectives posts from this week:

Less Is More by Emily King

Late Nights with Babies and Talk Shows by Kara Eberle

A Father’s Day Gift Every Man Will Love – Boudoir Photography by Rebekah Cooksey

(YOWSA! I am now pondering a way to get to Dallas for something like this.)

All Children Are Special by Julie Liberman

A heartwarming introduction…

Release stress, gain energy and look slimmer while waiting in those dang Costco lines by Emily Hill

(I tried her carpool calisthenics moves and accidently broke my rearview mirror…these seem less risky.)

Summer Maternity Dresses for $25 from Erin Collard

“You’re beautiful, you fabulous, fertile thing!”

What Would You Take by Raejean Roberts

Upromise: Save Money for College the Easy Way by Claire Boone

Swedish Pancakes from Leigh Anne Wilkes

What is custom photography by Erika Snow

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