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Weekly Perspectives Round Up: Here Comes Summer

There’s no denying it, Summer is right around the corner. Oh, I know, the official start to the season doesn’t occur until June 20th but I’m surely not alone in thinking of Memorial Day weekend as the kick off weekend to the season of fireworks, popsicles and slip-and-slide burns.

This week our Local Perspectives bloggers have offered up a little something for everyone, including a big heaping dose of get geared up for summer ideas.

Happy Reading!


Always a Mother by Beth Vrabel

A Voice for Ethan Stacy by Marcel Walker

Shopping for Gifts for the Child with Special Needs and Simple Ways to Encourage Speech and Language Development by Julie Liberman

Tips to Help in the Job Search by Camille Langston

What’s Up with Hang-ups? by Hillary Gorman

Making memories on Memorial…by Jenn Crozier

Photographing Our Four Legged Friends by Jessica Grieves


Library Picks for This Week with a Spring Theme by Vanessa Brown

Get a Head Start on Summer Reading by Aimee Cook O’Brien

20 Tips for Selling at a Garage Sale by Clair Boone

Disco Party by Raejean Roberts

What a cool way to celebrate the end of the school year!

A Trip to the Theater by Tina Seitzinger

Summer is Approaching, How is Your Energy Level? by Amelia Maness-Gilliland


No Peek Stew from Karen Petersen

A Healthier Way to Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings by Emily Hill

An Introduction and Amazon sale on Pamela’s Gluten-Free Products! by Katie Fries

Grocery Shopping? Print These First! and Blu-Ray Deals for Father’s Day by Erin Collard

IRA, what is that?? by Megan

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