A Music Must Have For Mamas

If you are pregnant or in that sleepy dream world state of having a newborn in the house, may I suggest you pick up the album that has convinced me to savor every last second of my very last pregnancy and newborn.  Now the Day is Over by The Innocence Mission.

It’s true, this baby in my belly is the last.  However, this album made me re-think that decision, if only for a second.  After rediscovering it a few weeks ago, in a hazy half-aware moment of bliss I willed my body to be strong enough, to be brave enough to grin and bear it for another baby after this one.  As soon as the music stopped I was immediately awakened to reality and the thought of my poor husband having every ounce of life sucked out of him as he played both roles while I slept and puked for 4 months.

I never rocked my two boys to sleep because I never had time.  After each child I had a full-time job waiting for me, anxiously waiting for me.  In the end I don’t necessarily regret the lack of rocking, after all they are boys.  I felt I owed it to their future manhood to drill in the ability to self-soothe.  So instead of taxing the family with another pregnancy I have promised myself I will relish this last chance I have. To take a moment whenever I can find it and hold my rounded belly, close my eyes and memorize this.  The kicking, the flutters, the pokes and even the aches, every sensation of being pregnant; those memories are slippery and easy to lose once it’s over.  After she gets here I’ll do my best to breathe in every moment I can.  Leave the laundry alone, forget the dishes and forego any semblance of organization in my home as I hum these tunes to her.

The Innocence Mission was in my head when the play list for this album was created, it’s absolutely perfectly suited to my preferences.  I adore every song and it makes all my motherly senses hum and sway in peace.  What mother obsessed with Audrey Hepburn could forget to sing Moon River to her babies?

Find yourself a copy, put it on repeat and spend some time rocking and breathing in the calm of your baby’s smell.

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