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Weekly Perspectives Round Up: Get Ready for May

Here we go, kids. Tomorrow it will be May – the bridge month between the school year and summer time, the (hopefully) last month that you’ll even have to consider dragging a sweater along, “just in case”.

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If Kids Ruled Bedtime by Beth Vrabel

Rule #8 is the best one.

Symphony Bar Fondue (aka Heaven) from Karen Petersen

This sounds like the best potluck dessert idea, EVER.

Why Breastfeeding is an Environmental Issue by Cheris Udell

I never thought about it this way. Now when people give me a funny look because I nursed my girl until she was 14 months, I have another reason.

Celebrating National Poetry Month as a Mom and To Request or Not to Request? Choosing a Teacher for your Child by Carrie Finlinson

I love what Carrie says about reading as an adult. Now I’ll be breaking out my old favorite “A River Runs Through It” to read it with my older and wiser perspective.

Megan’s Get Out of Debt Plan

Money and budgets baffle me. This is the best explanation I’ve read to date.

Paying Tribute to Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Camille Langston

A great Mother’s Day gift idea. (Or Father’s Day…if you’re one of those over achievers that already has mom’s gift wrapped.)

Fabulous Guacamole Dip from Mina Frannea

Get. In. My. Belly.

Demand all the fitness you want with ExerciseTV from Emily Hill

Cool! (Except after reading this, I’m afraid of my treadmill crapping out. I didn’t know they could die!)

Diamond of Darkhold Book Club by Raejean Roberts

I never thought of doing a family book club. My wheels are turning now…

Crochet Your Way Out Of Boredom from Erin Collard

Our husbands would TOTALLY get along…

Darth Vader was Lame and Other Lessons from the Birthday Party from Polly Harrison

Such good info and prep for parents of elementary school-aged kids.

Print These Off Before You Hit The Store…from Erin Collard

A $1 off Dreyer’s Dibs? Sign me up! (Loads of other coupons too.)

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