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Weekly Local Perspectives Round Up: Help Out the Editor Edition

Let me be clear – I DO realize that our Local Perspectives bloggers don’t write with me in mind. They write about what moves and inspires them, but this week I can’t help but feel like a few of them were feeling my vibes and writing posts to help me navigate the sometimes tumultuous and exhausting world of parenting.

Let’s kick off with a few of the posts that saved my bacon this week (not only from the tantrums, but from continuing to wear my dark brown eyeshadow – thanks, Allison)…and don’t worry, if you happen to be one of those people who has enjoyed a marvelous week, there’s plenty here for you too. 🙂

A New Perspective on Temper Tantrums and the follow up post When You Want To Throw a Tantrum from Dr. Minette Riordan

Spring Make-Up from Allison Czarnecki

Museum Visiting Kits for Kids from the UMFA blog – a fantastic idea on how to keep a kiddo engaged at any museum.

Mom Time from Raejean Roberts

Is it Possible to Be at Peace With Swimsuit Shopping? from Polly Harrison

Celebrate Earth Month With Reusable Shopping Bags… from Erin Collard

Mother’s Day Gifts to Ask For Now from Rebecca Cooksey

Not College Material Anymore from Beth Vrabel

4 Tips for Successful Outings with Little Ones from Amber Passey

Free Photo Canvas for Military Moms from Clair Boone

Poems for Sale: National Poetry Month Family Style from Carrie Finlinson

How do I stop my six-year-old from being a selfish brat? from Kathryn Jones

A Family Affair from the Groovy Girl Scout

Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon Curd from Leigh Anne Wilkes

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe – YUM-O!! from Lisa Anderson

Make it from scratch…it’s easier than you think from Jamie Cooks It Up!

Weather warming up…it’s time to plug in the crockpot! (or is it?) from Karen Peterson

Have a great weekend!

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