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Weekly Local Perspectives Round Up: April 9th

Wow. This week just blew right by! Maybe rolling through life on an Easter-candy fueled high is the way to go. Or maybe it’s because Mother Nature decided to mess with me by dumping 5 inches of snow at my house, midweek.

Trust me. Waking up to that on April 7th will MESS with your mojo.

Enjoy some of the fantastic Local Perspectives posts from the last week:

Interview with Artist & Mother Emily Mcphie (+giveaway!!) from Emily King

Getting Your Children To Go To Bed – No Small Task from Kathryn Jones

Where You Retreat When Traveling from Jessica Grieves

“Mom, Are We Staying Home Today?” from Camille Langston

Teaching a Neighborhood Co-op Preschool from Carrie Finlinson

Imagination Turns Mom Into a Monster by Beth Vrabel

Confessions of a Photographer – Cathedral of Madeline from Marcel Walker

Risk from Raejean Roberts

Spring Baby Grass Wreath from Patty Schaffer

Ways We Invalidate Our Children’s Feelings from Dr. Minette Riordan

Walmart…a wonder (and sometimes a curse) from Jamie Cooks It Up!

One Turkey, 5 Different Ways: Turkey Noodle Soup from Claire Boone

Facebook Coupons from Lisa Anderson

We ALL Love Credit Cards from Megan

Ooodles and Ooodles of DVD Coupons! and Welcome To My “Cash Only” Crusade from Erin Collard

She Shops Smart and So Can You! from Jenn Crozier

Quick Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom from Camille Langston

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