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A Simple “Must-Read” for Today

We are making our way back from the “high seas” (I just really like to say things like: I’m blogging from the high seas, or I’m tweeting from the high seas . . . they are actually pretty mild Caribbean seas and I’m on a big ship, but I still feel adventurous).

I popped online to check some email, send some tweets, and check in on some of my favorite blogs before we hit port today for some adventures. As fun as our family trip has been, we are all dying to see our little 1-year-old who is waiting for us at home. My arms practically ache for her.

I read Nie Nie’s post today and cried – and thought about how her arms must have ached for that little boy to jump into them and how we overlook these simple little moments every day. I had to add her post to “Best of Today” from the high seas! Enjoy the simple things today.

Have a great weekend!

– Rachael

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