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Resources: Winter Outdoor Fun

Looking for some outdoor activities to beat your cabin fever this winter? Can’t keep those kids indoors another minute?

Dress up warm and get outside with our resources for some Winter Outdoor Fun! We’ve compiled ideas for the kids, the adults and everyone in between.

Winter Outdoor Activities – For Kiddies

Check out this list of fifty fun activities for children who want to “brave the cold” during the winter months.

Inspire those young minds… whether it’s an obstacle course, a maze or looking for animal tracks. Here are 10 fun winter activities you can try with your little ones.

Hide a chest full of loot in the snow, then watch young castaways track it down clue by clue.

You don’t need a wallet full of cash to enjoy the cold, snowy days. Here are a few frugal boredom busters to have as your 911 plan for the winter blahs.

Winter Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Ready to make a “Headless Snowman?” This is a game that will have the entire family rolling in the snow with laughter…

Do you have a dog that’s part of the family fun? Get him involved (and loving his relaxing ride) in this “Sled Pulling Competition.”

From feeding the birds to snow ball bowling… there are some great ideas on this site that you can enjoy with your kids.

Bundle up and follow your kids to the nearest drift for a snow pile of fun. Here are seven winter games to get your family started.

“How-To” Ideas for Winter Outdoor Fun:

A few strategically placed ice candles can turn your backyard into a winter’s evening wonderland. Ice candles are easy to make, and best of all, cost next to nothing.

How to entertain yourself with fluffy snow and a trampoline… now doesn’t that sound fun?

Making snow cones is very satisfying yet simple. Within minutes, you can have your own delicious “snow cone!”

Would you like to make a snow cat, penguin, dinosaur print or lamp? Check out this Snow Sculpture ‘How-to’ page with step-by-step instructions.

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