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Posts of Note: Soup for You!

Last weekend I stood and my back door and looked longingly at my snow-covered yard and calculated the number of weeks it will be until I can reasonably expect that this Utah winter will relent and I can spend some time outside. My count was in the double digits.

Oh, yes, I know I don’t have to stay inside just because it is cold and wet – I have enough warm and water resistant gear to outfit an army – but I’m seeking warmth.

Hmmm….soup is warm. That works.

My Soup Sunday’s schedule has become a bit boring so I thought it was time to mix it up. Here are a few soup recipes that I’ve had on my radar.  Let’s all try them together.

Soup Recipes

Black Bean Soup from Dig This Chick

Because I usually have all of these ingredients in my house at a moments notice – if you allow for the use of dried herbs and a quick run to the store for an avocado.

Mock New Mexico Soupy Green Chile from Gabriela’s Kitchen

As a native New Mexican, I get all sentimental about the words “Hatch Green Chile”. Also about luminaries and the Balloon Fiesta…but let’s save that for another post.

Leftover Veggie Tray Minestrone Soup from Food With Kid Appeal
I’ve got a big family. Give us a few days, we’ll have a leftover veggie tray from some get together that will land in this recipe.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup from Sunset Magazine

Grab a pack of 6 red bell peppers at Costco and you can call this one “budget friendly”.

Speedy Chicken Posole with Avocado & Lime from Sunset Magazine

I had to google hominy when I tore this one out of my magazine. A pot of this is on the menu for next week.

Pea and Pesto Soup from Nigella Lawson
Love her. Love peas…not split peas, mind you, but the green vibrant burst of a sweet pea.

Baked Potato Soup from goodLife {eats}

After a trip to Corbins, I came home on a mission to find a replica. This is pretty darn close.

Beef and Dark Beer Chili from Bon Appetit
Chili and my favorite dark beverage, right after coffee.

Slow-Cooker Beef and Black-Bean Chili from Martha Stewart
Take note – recipe calls for “chunks of beef chuck”…Martha doesn’t do ground beef, I imagine.

Chicken Stew with Biscuits from Barefoot Contessa

I’ve been pining over this recipe since I got the cookbook, literally YEARS ago. I add it to the schedule and then I wuss out.  The homemade biscuits intimidate. 2010 is the year I just nut up and do it.

Do you have any soup recipes that make your bowls happy? Send me a tweet or email. Because I’ve got WEEKS of cold weather still coming my way.

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