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MamaResources: “Green Holidays”

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Or what about a GREEN Christmas? This month we compiled a season’s worth of resources to help you be more eco-friendly with your holiday giving, decorating, wrapping, and recycling. We even have some tips to help you save energy through the winter months. So whether you’re baking, caroling, or shopping… put a green spin on your holidays!

Giving Green

Environmental Defense Fund

Tracking down the perfect green gift can be fun… These ideas will spark your imagination and deliver green goodness long after the holidays are over.


A shop packed full of healthy and eco-friendly options. Check out their super handy pocket guides for when you’re shopping offline.

Huffington Post

Before you search for that perfect gift, consider looking around your own house! Clear out your closets, drawers and storage rooms and regift this Christmas. You’ve heard the saying… “Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.” Go to work! Environmental Issues

After you find that “green gift,” have you considered how to ship it in a green manner? This site has ranked shipping companies who are helping curb global warming through their business practices.

Suite 101: Green Living

Perfect gift ideas for those who want to shop on the “greener” side of things…

The Daily Green

100+ green giving ideas… safe toys, gadgets, outfits, and of course ways to give without giving “stuff.”

Abe’s Market

A natural goods market full of unique items from independent manufacturers. Check out their gift guides for ideas for “the health nut”, “your workmates”, etc.

Decorating Green

The Decorating Diva

Want to leave the planet a little better than you found it? Then you will love these four eco-friendly holiday decorating and entertaining ideas.


Get out the tinsel, ornaments and stringed popcorn… or are you looking to decorate your tree a little “greener” this year? Check out these tips before you deck the halls!

Four categories that will help your decorate your house “greener” from top to bottom: 1)Decorations that can go anywhere, 2)Mantles, balconies and banisters, 3)Table and centerpiece decorations, and 4)Tree trimming and decorating.

Recycling/Wrapping Green

Sierra Club

Turn that tree into mulch! Did you ever think about recycling your wrapping paper or Christmas tree? This site links you to local programs who can help you do just that.

The Daily Green

This year, collect the paper, bows and boxes and keep them out of your garbage…recycle that holiday waste!


Reduce, reuse, recycle! Here are some fabulous tips and charts for the holiday season. Print it out and hang it up so everyone in your household can participate!

Suite 101: Green Living

Utilize the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle when planning gift giving, holiday celebrations and Christmas parties.

Energy Saving Ideas for the Holiday Season

The Daily Green

Want to save money, energy and the planet, while still lighting up the house for the holidays? Consider LEDs on your eaves!

Consumer Energy Center

Looking for ways to save energy in the kitchen?  This site covers all the corners… from the oven to the dishwasher.

Environment News Service

During the holiday season, energy saving tips from utilities and public agencies abound. Here is a list of the best tips for saving energy and saving money while enjoying the holidays.

Energy Tomorrow

From holiday travel tips to saving energy with electronics…this site is packed with ideas to save energy this holiday season.

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