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Staff Pick: Rockabye Baby! Aerosmith

Rockabye AerosmithI’ve written before about the ongoing power struggle to musically influence my kiddo.  I work from home and therefore get to program the lions share of the music that our girl hears. My husband works outside of the home (and works A LOT) so he makes up for his musical absence by over compensating with songs from Meatloaf. (Oh, how I wish I was kidding.)

Not surprisingly – we both love Rockabye Baby! Aerosmith.  It has become our standby, end of the day soundtrack as we get our girl ready for bathtime and bed and try to generally  wind down that endless toddler energy.  This album is so much more than simple acoustic versions of classic Aerosmith – the Rockabye Baby! versions are re-imagined in such as way that it is hard to believe they were ever intended to be anything but lullabies. Turns out that what Dream On  was missing all along was croaking frogs. WHO KNEW.

Finding musical middleground can be hard.

Then it hit me. The land mine riddled Christmas shopping scene could be satiated by giving Rockabye Baby! albums. No product recall sites to scan. No need to get the approval of parents that may hate cleaning up play-doh or forbid barbie from setting her permanently arched foot in their house.  Even your greenest, granola-munching* friends will love them for the kids as Rockabye albums are both BPA and lead free. 😉

*I can drop the granola-munching gauntlet, as I make my own and have been tagged a “hippy” within the last week.

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