Out of the Box Bargain Hunting

Guest Post from Jane Maynard of This Week For Dinner:

When TodaysMama offered a $50 gift card to see what I could get at Marshalls, of course I jumped! I love Marshalls and I knew I’d be able to put that $50 to good use.

My original plan was to get shoes. Marshalls is my secret shoe source. And, lucky for me, my local Marshalls has a Shoe Megashop where I’ve found lovely shoes at even lovelier prices. However, when I actually arrived at the store I decided to force myself to look beyond the shoe aisle. Of course I didn’t wander far before I was browsing through handbag after handbag that I would gladly carry around town. But, like shoes, I’ve gotten handbags at Marshalls before. I wanted this to be a challenge!

Then I remembered that I needed some new pillows for my bed. I decided to wander over to the linens department and discovered a wide assortment of pillows. I found two lovely King size pillows and threw them in the cart.

The dishes were near the pillows, which reminded me of the sad fact that I have no serving bowls. I normally use my clear Pyrex mixing bowls as serving dishes, which feels a bit like a crime since I am a food blogger. Not surprisingly Marshalls had oh so many bowls to choose from. I settled on two bowls: a medium sized white bowl that will go with anything, and a gorgeous red bowl that I simply couldn’t resist.

And of course this bib found its way into my cart. Won’t my 2-year-old be oh-so-cute this Thanksgiving? And, for the record, she is in fact my little turkey.

How did I do with my $50 budget? Quite well, I must say!

Pillows-Retail value for two: $60. I paid $30.

Red Bowl-Retail Value $32. I paid $17.

White Bowl-Retail Value $20. I paid $8.

Bib-Retail Value $5. I paid $3.

Original retail value for everything: $127

My grand total at the Marshalls register: $58

That’s over 54% savings! And I only went $8 over the $50 budget. I suppose I could have left the white bowl behind, but really? Would YOU have left it at the store? That’s what I thought.

*Editors Disclosure: Marshall’s gave us a gift card. We gave it to Jane. Shopping ensued. Good times where had. Deals were found. We shared. Cool?

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