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MamaResources: Twilight

If you enjoyed the books, are looking forward to the New Moon movie, but aren’t exactly sporting your “Team Edward” t-shirt all over town…here is a link list you’ll love. Big fans (like me) will enjoy what will probably be a refresher course. What? You mean to tell me I’m the ONLY one with a google alert for “Twilight”?

Happy Reading…

The Movies

Official Movie Site

Check out the “media” link for trailers and behind-the-scenes clips.

New Moon Clip: Bella’s Paper Cut

Sadly, it ends just when it starts to get interesting.

Twilight Cliff Notes

Admittedly, not completely finished, this cartoonist’s rendition of Twilight is so sweet that we can’t wait until it’s finished to share it with you.

Twilight By Bunnies

Not the most swoon worthy version, but a good refresher nonetheless (scroll down to select Twilight).

The Twilight Zone from James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

Thoughtful words and pretty pictures for those of you coming late to the game. This article is from last year.

The Music

‘New Moon’ Soundtrack: A Track-By-Track Breakdown

From MTV – an article that will surely send you off to purchase the album (if you haven’t already).

Meet Me On The Equinox Official Music Video

Death Cab For Cutie’s video from the New Moon soundtrack.

Eye Candy

New Moon Poster (my personal favorite)

Edward shirtless. *swoon*

Newest Batch of New Moon Posters

I get that the wolves would look odd sporting, say, tuxedos…but don’t the boys seem a bit underdressed compared to the characters in the other posters?

Can Werewolves Swim?

This boy needs a towel! Any volunteers?

Italian Fountain Scene Photos

Yeah, most of us have seen the full trailer so these photos aren’t anything new, but when this was originally posted our hearts were aflutter.

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