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MamaResources: Holiday Cards

Making a list and checking it twice is easy enough. By mid-December, it comes to my attention that I haven’t thought about holiday cards yet–crunch time! By then I’ve missed the boat on handmade cards, and am pushing to sign store-bought cards and mail them. Last year my family sent an email with a nice photo collage, and used money saved on postage to donate to a good cause. These MamaResources include a variety of options to send good wishes to your friends and family.

Custom Cards

Custom cards come with a pro and a con. The pro is that they’re low-time options–just address the envelopes and have the card signature and envelope return address pre-printed. The con is that they come at a price, from to .

Photo Cards

Photo cards are a great option to showcase growing kids or to put your face in front of distant friends and relatives. Kodak and Snapfish offer a myriad of choices at reasonable prices.

Handmade Cards

Handmade cards are always my goal, yet I’ve never (ever) carved out time to make them. My sister-in-law made simple embossed cards last year, and they were precious. Imagine the receiver’s surprise if you managed to create a Martha Stewart set! Other DIY options abound.


Admittedly, e-cards are less personal than mailed cards–but they save time, money and material resources. The upshot here is that receivers can easily email you back, and a nice e-conversation can ensue. Consider sending an email letter with a family photo .jpg or check out an automated e-card service that saves one square foot of rainforest for each card sent.

Late Cards

Missed the boat on Holiday cards? No worries. Just send out New Year’s or Valentine’s messages to those you like and love!

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