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How do you take your T.V.?

Straight up or with the Internet on the side?

I increasingly find myself watching T.V. through my laptop, or better yet, through my T.V. plugged into my laptop (after the kids have gone to bed!). This is especially true since T.V. went all high tech and digital and we didn’t get out to get the converter box in time. Lazy? Yes. But I kind of like not having T.V. in the house. The kids obviously watch far less (because it’s not really there). But when I use the sweet and glorious Internet for entertainment viewing purposes I can also call up a bunch of old school cartoons that entertain even me!

I used to be fully loyal to for all my viewing purposes. But then a friend told me to check out and it even pulls in Hulu and lots of the other network stations. For more comparison info between the different options check out this post on Listio “Comparing Online TV”.

From my husband’s perspective, he liked Fancast better because it seemed to stream better through our t.v. in widescreen format (keep in mind our T.V. is apparently ancient as it’s from 2002). As for me – I just saw the New Moon Mania link at the bottom of the Fancast page so I think it’s time to stop writing this post and get my vampire fix!

In the meantime: How do you watch t.v.?

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