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Posts of Note: Halloween Awesomeness

I was going to call this “Posts of Note: Halloween Favorites”, but as I collected these links, I was compelled to raise the stakes on my title…because, people, this stuff is awesome.  A mind boggling amount of creativity and energy gets put into this holiday – the sort of energy that, prior to giving birth, I reserved only for Christmas.

Happy Haunting!


Post Halloween Post from Saucy’s Sprinkles

Those brain cupcakes…are…fascinating. I don’t know if I want one or if they’ve turned my off frosting for life.  Either way, WIN!

To Make: Crawly Cakes for Halloween from Not Martha

Another one that haunts me with simultaneous awe and fright. (It’s all those eyeballs. Yeesh!)

A Halloween Treat Idea: Candy Coated Pretzel Rods

Festive and EASY. And I never would have thought of the sprinkles. FINALLY!  I’ll be able to get rid of the Halloween sprinkle multipack I got as a wedding gift. (Not kidding.)

Bag of Bones & Bowl Full of BLOOD from Lollychops

Relax, it’s pretzels and cream cheese dip.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies from Bread & Honey

I dream of Oreos but swear by homemade food. Ahhh…problem solved.

Crafty Goodness...

Fall Garland from Marta Writes

Because I actually hauled myself down to the Hobby Lobby and bought a 2 5/16 round punch so I could make my own. And it ROCKS.

Halloween Mini Book from Ali Edwards

Who are we kidding the winter holiday’s are crazy – capture Halloween before you get buried in a mountain of fruit cake and bulk gift tags from Costco.

Simple + Quick Halloween Cocktail Napkins

Want to entertain the adults?  Napkins covered in cartoon bats not setting the right tone?  Check this project out. Eco-friendly too!

Ideas for Your Halloween Class Party from Make and Takes

Fun and easy. Two of my favorite qualities. Add “dipped in chocolate” and my life is complete.

Playing with Gourds, Dried Leaves and Mod Podge

A lovely project that doesn’t have to be packed away on November 1st.


Finished Costumes 2007 from Design Mom

I could barely get out the door with ONE child in a store-bought costume.  This year I’m going to dress up as Design Mom for Halloween, because she’s a real super hero.

27 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids from

O.M.G. These people really know how to bring the cute. Everybody say, “Awwww!”

Bringing the funny…

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

I’m gearing up to conceive a November baby just so I can wear this costume.

I Got Motivated from Jet Set

Because I thought I was the only one that wants to pummel teenage boys on Halloween. (Read the post tags from Azucar – they make me giggle.)

Nurse Hot Flash from The Meanest Mom

Ah, the innocence of children.

Out Of Their Gourds from ChildsplayX2

Props to the parent that is willing to pay good money to let their kids make their own choices.

Not Even a Devo Hat from Mighty Girl

It’s about time someone admitted this.

All purpose…

New Uses for Halloween Items from Real Simple

Because I didn’t realize that there was an option for leftover halloween candy other than “shove it in my mouth with both hands”.

This Halloween, Lower the Sugar Intake from Simple Mom

Great ideas on how to limit the sugar without feeling like a spooky Scrooge.

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