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Why Aromatherapy?

My path to living a more “green” and “natural” way of life has been long and scenic. My focus started by being mindful of the things that went in and onto my body after a family member suffered a severe stroke. I also became more aware of my impact on the environment since having my daughter 19 months ago. I’ve been working on refining my reduce/reuse/recycle skills (why, why, WHY must kids stuff come with so much packaging?!)

Needless to say, I thought I was pretty up-to-date on my green living knowledge, but then a staff member dropped the “aromatherapy” concept on me I didn’t think much about it other than it makes my annual massages ever so dreamy. But then I recalled an experience I had a few years back when I was going to have my tonsils removed (at 26…I don’t recommend this unless you have WEEKS of paid sick leave just burning a hole in your pocket) and a colleague of mine gave me several bottles of aromatherapy oils to help manage my pain. I’m pretty sure the look on my face clearly conveyed that I thought she was completely out of her mind.

Since I’ve been focused on honing other skills (homemade organic baby food, anyone?) I can’t claim any more knowledge about the benefits of aromatherapy so I asked the kind folks at Maclaren to tell me a bit more about it. I know what you’re thinking…”Maclaren? Don’t they make strollers? What do they know about aromatherapy?”

Turns out, quite a bit. They just launched a new line of products for mothers and babies called beginning that is natural and organic. Here is what they had to say:

“Pregnancy and parenthood are life-altering events that can bring about overwhelming emotions and change, precipitating the need for nurturing on all levels. The well being organic products nurture the skin, the essential oils nurture the emotions and the accompanying routines (morning – use uplifting shower elixir to wake you up and uplift you; daytime – take time to pamper your and your baby body with a gentle massage; evening – unwind and de-stress, prepare your body and mind for rest with a warm bath), nurture the spirit and the mind.”

“Essential oils can also create a loving bond between mother, father, and baby, which is crucial during this early life stage. Massages and baths with essential oils can calm and relax baby and can be beneficial at all life stages through childhood to adulthood. Products like room sprays and candles create a feeling of safety and provide a peaceful environment while away from home. Room fragrancing is in fact one of the easiest way to enjoy aromatherapy.”

“One of the main concerns for today’s modern parents is the lack of balance and connection in their life. Aromatherapy products support the creation of harmony and balance in daily life by proposing parents, in particular mothers, to take the time to pause during the day and connect with their baby before continuing their daily activities with a clear and settled mind.”

The beginning products are all organic and made with 100% pure essential oils and their packaging is all recyclable. They don’t use synthetic perfumes, artificial colors or chemicals of any kind – which all fit nicely with a “green” and “natural” way of life.

We’re giving away two beginning prize packages – one full of gifts for the expecting mama and another for baby. Get all the details here.


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