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MamaResources: Keeping Kids & Parents Involved in School

The hype of the new school year is beginning to wear off… is your child losing motivation in the classroom? And better yet, are you involved at their school? Experts say that parental involvement is one of the most important things that will keep a child motivated about school. Here are some resources to keep you and your child engaged during the school year, plus we’ve added a few tips for boosting their brains during the holidays and “off track” weeks.

Keeping Your KIDS Involved:

Some simple tips to keep your kids motivated and involved in school… One thing you’ll need? Consistency.

Worried that your child will lose all motivation with academics during the summer? Studying in the summertime? A fair balance between learning and summer fun will allow a child to have fun, as well as help to prevent summer brain drain. Check out these ideas…

How do you keep your child motivated about school? What you can do for your child at home and general tips to help them succeed in the classroom.

How YOU Can be Involved:

Research shows that children succeed academically, socially and emotionally when their parents are involved in their education and school activities. From communication to accommodation, this site shows you how…

A forum you have to read– great advice on getting involved in the classroom.

Parent involvement is much more than parent-teacher-conferences and the PTA. Learn about practical ways in which schools are involving parents… they could work for you!

Keeping your KIDS Motivated During the Summer:

Many kids look forward to a break from school during the summer, but that does not mean they cannot learn while having fun. Check out this site for ideas to keep your kids learning when they are not in school.

A great article! Teachers offer their best advice for sneaking education into summer fun.

Don’t let your kids forget everything they learned at school during the summer! This site offers a bunch of ways to boost your kid’s education by preventing summer learning loss.

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