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MamaResources: Travel Safety Tips

With summer here, many of us are making travel plans. Whether you’re going across the globe or down the street, it’s important to be prepared and to stay safe. So if you’re that parent heading out the door with toddlers or teens, here are our best travel tips to take with you. Have a safe trip!

General Travel Safety Tips

A few tips to keep your kids safe on family vacations. From planning to transportation, this site helps you cover all of your bases.

Be sure to check this list before leaving the house on your vacation. The top 20 safety tips for your family this summer…

From car safety tips to hotel safety advice, this site has everything for families. Planning to visit a petting zoo? Renting bikes? Will you be using public restrooms? Check this out!

Air Travel Safety Tips

The top 10 airline safety tips for your family… Things you should and shouldn’t bring on board, baggage tips and security issues.

Use this site to prepare your children for a crowded airport and to introduce them to your family safety rules. Write a planning checklist and make sure airport safety is at the top!

Tips for your family prior to arriving to the airport, when you’re wandering through the crowds, and when you’re on the airplane. This site will guide you from start to finish!

Traveling with Pets?

If you are planning on traveling with your pet, it’s important to take precautions and plan ahead. Check out this site’s seven great tips.

More than half of all Americans bring their pets on vacation, but many don’t take proper safety precautions. This video from The Early Show’s Dr. Debbye Turner has the latest ways to keep them safe.

Taking your pet on your family vacation can complete the travel experience, but make sure you’re prepared! If they’ll be in the car with you, be sure to take this advice

Road Trip / Driving Safety Tips

Everything you need to do before hitting the road with your little ones. This checklist will help you childproof your car just in time.

Here are some tips from Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge to help make your road trip a safe and enjoyable experience.

Be sure to follow these tips for family car travel and make your next trip the best! Plan ahead, pack smart, keep the peace, and more!

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