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Posts of Note: Dad Blogs

Have you discovered the incredible wealth of great blogs written by Dads?  Let me just tell you this: Where there is a great Mom Blog, there can also be found a great Dad Blog so we’re sharing some of our favorite Dad blog posts. These “Posts of Note” will make you appreciate the men in your life – those you see everyday, and those whose blog posts are a small indulgence. Enjoy!


“It’s a Long Story”

ChildsPlay x 2

“How To Lose Your Patients”

A Family Runs Through It

“Never Negotiate with Terrorists”


“To my Son on your First Birthday”

Real Men Drive Minivans

“In Praise of the Crockpot”


“How Do Moms Do It? Stroller Suspenders”

“Real Men Bro-Hug”

African American Dad

“Why We Don’t Talk About Sperm At The Dinner Table”

Dad Gone Mad

“I Fling The Body Electric”

Laid Off Dad

“The Whistle Monologues”

Rude Cactus

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