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This month, we’ve partnered with Mozy to giveaway free back up for a year in our Baby’s Got Back(up) contest. Because we have been one of the unlucky souls that lost massive amounts of data when a computer crashed, we asked Mozy staffer (and Mama), Keri Tinoco, to tell us about her own experience with Mozy.

I love my laptop. It’s home to my recipes, family pictures, financial documents, and journal. It used to store my wedding gift list—that is, until it was replaced by an unrecognizable file of gibberish. I’m still not exactly sure how it happened. I kept staring at my computer in disbelief, sure that my list would magically reappear on the screen, but I never did recover the file. And since I didn’t have a backup copy, most people never got a thank you note for the wedding gifts they gave us.

Almost three years later, I inadvertently deleted more than 4 GB of pictures and video of our 10-month-old girl. I can’t recreate her first smile, laugh, or dip in the swimming pool, but the gut-wrenching feeling I’d had a few years before didn’t come. This time I knew that my files were safe since I back up my computer with Mozy.

Mozy is a small application you install on your computer that automatically backs up your files over the internet. A copy of your data is stored in a secure, remote location so that in the event of disaster your data is still retrievable. Gone are the days of data loss and manual backups to CDs and external hard drives—Mozy is 100% automatic.

So it didn’t matter that I hadn’t thought about backing up my daughter’s pictures for months. Mozy had been backing them up automatically every day. I just downloaded the Family Pictures folder from my online Mozy account, and minutes later all my files were intact. And I’m glad, because I would have been devastated had I permanently lost her baby pictures.

Mozy has saved many a Mom when it comes to accidentally deleting files or just plain old rambunctious kids messing with computers. I should know—I work at Mozy.

With all the years of photos, digital scrapbooking, and family records you have on your computer, you simply can’t afford to go without a backup. Mozy’s great because it takes the hassle out of backup so you can focus on snapping the next perfect picture of your kids. The initial backup takes some time, but subsequent backups are quick.

Oh, and Mozy costs less than a kid’s meal for UNLIMITED online backup. (I.e. no file limits, so upload your 100 GB Pictures folder!) Now through the end of June, Moms get a FREE shirt with any new MozyHome Unlimited subscription.

Mozy online backup. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

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