Blogger Review Board: Mozy

We get asked all the time to review stuff, but we usually have to pass because, really we’re tech nerds and writer geeks, what do we know about a fabulous diaper bag? But we value a good first hand review as much as the next mom so we’ve created the TodaysMama Blogger Review Board.

This month, the TodaysMama Blogger Review Board is tackling Mozy’s online back up service – see how their experience stacked up.

*You’ve still got a few more days to enter to win free back up from Mozy. Enter here.

Ali Edwards – Life Artist

Amy Lupold Bair – Resourceful Mommy

Kelly Anderson – Startup Princess

L. Bowers – 1 Stop Mom

Emily Hill – Boutique Cafe

Jane Maynard – This Week For Dinner

Laura Heuer – Mom Technology

Thank you to all of our TodaysMama Blogger Review Board members. If you’d like to receive a Board application shoot us an email, [email protected].

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