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T-Shirts to Ta-Da!

Let me see if I’m alone here. You see a cute and cheap T-shirt/top at a store that will remain nameless (coughtargetcough) and buy it, feeling pleased with your $12 purchase and lift to your otherwise dull wardrobe. Then, as is the fate of all clothing – it gets washed. Suddenly it doesn’t fit or look so nice after all, and oopsie you can’t take it back. 


Or – you have some lovely (and good quality too, they’ve lasted through the years) tops from back in the day – you know, the day when they actually FIT you?




Is this just me? I didn’t think so.


What is a girl to do? It pains me to waste such perfectly good knit fabric! Inspired several months ago by a simple ‘turn an old T-shirt into baby pants’ project in Amanda Blake Soule’s book ‘The Creative Family’ – I dug through those drawers and justified whittling down my T-shirt collection to fashion a new wardrobe of trousers for my toddler! I was thrilled at how easy (and addictive) this was, and now no T-shirt is sacred…especially not those ugly old numbers my husband has been hanging onto since our dating years. I figured if you could turn an old T-shirt into a pair of small pants, surely that was just the gateway for other creations begging to be made from those lifeless old tops – and so with scissors and a smile, I crafted my first little dress and bigger girl skirt from old T-shirts as well. I’m here to share my findings and get you excited to dig through the washing pile and start snipping!


(Disclaimer – I am a novice seamstress!)


Little People Pants 

Round up a pair of your child’s pants to use as a pattern. 



Get full instructions and additional images here.



Toddler Dress

This dress could also be made in a similar way for an older girl to wear over leggings or jeans.



Get full instructions and additional images here.



Funky Girls (or Adult!) Skirt

I am dying to make myself one of these after my trial-run on my 6 year old daughter! Finding big men’s T-shirts at the thrift store would be perfect, or piece together tops you already have for a nice comfy stretchy summer skirt. This could also be made short to wear over leggings or jeans…



Get full instructions and additional images here.



Little baby cap

A friend of mine http://www.secondsister.etsy.com made this adorable baby cap for her new one and seeing as it was also from an old T-shirt (hoorah!), I asked her to share and she kindly obliged. With a pattern and all!



Get full instructions and additional images here.



Repurposing old shirts is so very satisfying not to mention raising you to a new level of ‘green goddess’ – I hope you will find inspiration and excitement from turning your old clothing into new! Check out two of my favorite etsy shops for fabulous recycled clothing from old sweaters!





Stay tuned for next month’s article – more repurposing ideas including ways to cover up stains, rips and other fuglies from yours and your kids wardrobe!




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