Connect Live Chat Recap: The Healthy Pantry

The Chefs and Trainers from The Healthy Pantry joined us for a Connect Live Chat and shared ideas and chatted about healthy living, cooking tips, tricks and substitutions along with our personal favorite – the recipe makeovers.

If you think “healthy” equals boring and bland, get ready to have your world rocked by The Healthy Pantry recipe makeover. We picked 3 reader-submitted recipes and the Chefs at the Healthy pantry made them healthier, easier, and tastier.

· Mac & Cheese

· Chicken Enchiladas

· Apple Dumplings

The Connect Live Chat offered great tips, ideas and messages from other moms:

@klauver Here’s a sheet we created for healthier baking: !healthy

@jeannette Cutting 500 calories a day will lose you a pound a week, so 2 sodas + 50 lb weight loss in one year!

@jeannette Book title is Simple Food for Busy Families: The Whole Life Nutrition Approach by the Real Food Moms

@ronisweigh I feel like I’m spamming but I just posted my almond milk recipe here !healthy

@todaysmamastaff Shopping Tips: STAY AWAY from high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated, and enriched flour. !healthy

@mamafroggie @klauver wow, that’s awesome that you lost 40 pounds! that is very encouraging 🙂 !healthy

@thingsmomslike that master cleanse made some of my friends very, very ill, like badly ill !healthy

@petitelefant @skimom maybe I should do sugar. Do you keep it out of your diet forever or just put it back in in smaller amounts? !healthy

@emihill @petitelefant I’m a caffeine-in-moderation woman. About 2-3 16-oz servings a week. That’s it! !healthy

@skimom @petitelefant Mine too. I read a blog today that said removing any one item (sugar, caffeine, dairy) for a month is also a detox. !healthy

@klauver We have a meal kit for chocolate chip cookies that uses Agave and dark chocolate chips: !healthy

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Now, get out there and get healthy!

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