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Spring Savings for Summer Vacations

Ah, spring – I love it! This is the time that I use to recover, after the holidays are gone (along with my budget). I work really hard to have a household budget throughout the year, but something always comes up, whether it’s an extra gift or a surprise celebration. That’s why I love this time of the year – spring cleaning for my house and my home budget.

Want to eliminate debt from the holidays and get a jumpstart on saving with your summer vacation planning? My frugal living tips are really easy to follow, so you can spring into a summer vacation with no financial stress!

Starting a household budget can be as simple as planning shopping trips, meals and those gifts or last-minute must-haves:

Take Cash

It’s unrealistic to never head to a mall and walk around (in this weather, it’s one of the better ways to get exercise). But the temptations of window shopping! So what I do is take cash with me instead of a credit card – just $20 cash. This way you can purchase food or something that’s really on sale. It’s my first step to better spending habits and staying within my personal budget.

Plan Ahead

My second frugal living tip is to plan your meals each and every week. I invested in some chalkboard paint and created a chalkboard in my kitchen to budget meals. This way everyone knows the menu and is involved with planning meals on a budget. Every detail of your grocery visit is planned, and you purchase what you need for that week without getting anything unnecessary.

Use Coupons

Finally, time to tackle those miscellaneous costs that pop up all the time – whether it’s a gift for a party or something needs repairing. This is where the Internet comes in extra handy. Our website, FabulousSavings.com is full of money-saving coupons.

A personal budget tip is to always check FabulousSavings.com before doing any shopping. It’s where you’ll find great discounts available for clothes, shoes, gift baskets, electronics and even online grocery shopping. I mean, why pay full price when you can easily use a free coupon to save money? Take a look at some free online coupons:

  • Eastbay coupons – 20% off sports apparel, footwear, fan gear & equipment
  • Best Buy coupons – free shipping on brand-name TVs, cameras, entertainment systems, computers & more
  • Nutrisystem coupons – 1 free week of food from the basic, silver, diabetic or vegetarian program
  • 1800Flowers.com coupons – 15% off $49.99 orders of roses, gift baskets & floral arrangements
  • Target coupons – $5 off orders of $50 or more on clothing, home essentials, electronics, toys & others

(This is just a small taste of the coupons available at FabulousSavings.com.)

And after all your hard work for spring, I believe summer vacation is calling your name. But the great news is: FabulousSavings.com also offers free Orbitz coupons for discount vacations. You’ll receive an additional 10% off your hotel stay!

These are very simple frugal living tips, and I hope you can incorporate them into your daily/weekly routines with ease. It is said that if you do something 12 days straight, it becomes routine. I hope you enjoy these tips, and your household budget isn’t a worry in 2009!


Jill Pursell

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