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Marathon Chronicles: Training Funk




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I have struggled a bit writing this month’s marathon update because, to be honest, it has been a tough week of training!  The amount of miles and the number of hours spent running each week have gone to a whole new level. I am looking to find the strength inside me to re-dedicate myself toward my goal of completing a marathon. It has been a struggle to find an even stronger focus, desire, strength and a higher level of self-confidence. However, I feel that I am in the midst of doing this and on the right path to getting my "mojo" back!


Now I understand more completely why, when deciding to run a marathon and throughout your training, they advise you to tell everyone you know. At first many of the people you tell wonder if you are really serious but that soon changes. They start to believe in you more when they watch you for weeks work toward your goal, sacrifice in other areas of your life, and see your progress. They start to become very proud of the stronger person overall they see you becoming because of your training. Your spouse, parents, children, neighbors, friends all tell others what you are doing and how awesome they think it is. Their excitement for you helps pull you through tough days in your training.


You can only carry yourself on other’s strength and excitement for a short amount of time. I am trying to find a source inside myself where I can gather more strength, find a flow in my runs, focus on my stride and re-dedicate myself to my goal. Training for a marathon almost forces you to be more positive or there is no way you will complete your runs. The positive vibes start to seep through to other parts of your life. I have always been a bit of a pessimist and am learning to let go and let myself be more upbeat. When running over 10 miles a day and 30 miles a week you must take care of yourself physically. I have always had bad habits of skipping breakfast, not drinking enough liquids, eating the wrong types of carbs and getting too little rest. You cannot do this when running such a high number of miles, it will not work. Even though I have made a world of difference in these areas I still need to improve myself more and I need to do it fast!


Whenever I get into a funk on one of my runs I repeat to myself the motivational paragraph I wrote up just for me and I picture the motivational "movies" I put together in my head. But lately I have found myself turning off my iPod and not thinking of anything. I listen to the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and look up at the sky. I run as fast as I can to my turn around point so I can be facing the mountains where the sun rises or sets. I don’t think about anything, I just watch the sky change colors, the stars appear or the moon fading. This is when I find peace, this is when I find my flow and this is when I remember I really am a marathoner.


Vanessa is running the Ogden Marathon is May and is following the training program found in the book, The Non Runners Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener and Tanjala Kole. For more from Vanessa, visit her at where she blogs ideas and reviews to keep your children educated, entertained and cared for.



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