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Melted Hearts

You know your heart is going to melt this Valentine’s Day, don’t you? Crafting with your kids is one of the best ways to connect with them, as your hands get busy the chatting and sharing begins – and I have the perfect melty heart project for you to do one cozy afternoon, and bring some extra love into your home!

What you will need:
Wax paper
Crayons (old ones are fine)
Vegetable peeler or grater
An old towel
An iron

Step 1: Pull the paper off the crayons, the kiddies love it, we’re off to a good start!
Step 2: Begin to grate or shave (with the peeler) the crayons into teeny weeny pieces. This can lead to excitement over the confetti like pile forming on the table. Resort to bribery if needed to keep shavings on table and not showered up in the air like pixie dust!

Step 3: Lay your old towel onto the table, and tear off a large piece of wax paper. Fold the wax paper in half, then open it out flat. Sprinkle some shavings onto one half of the wax paper. Not too many – just a nice coating, like sprinkles on a cookie!

Step 4: Fold the other half of the wax paper on top of the sprinkles, creating a sandwich of wax paper and sprinkles!

Step 5: Then fold your towel over the top of the sandwich, and begin to slowly rub the hot iron all over.

Step 6: Take a peek and make sure everything is melting nicely! When you have no more hard lumps of wax, you are done!


Step 7: We made 4 sheets like this to have plenty of pretty paper to work with. Now the fun begins – cut heart shapes from the paper using a cardstock template, or freestyle! (note: in our snipping excitement, we forgot to take a picture of this step). We cut several large hearts (3-4 inches) to make dangly heart strings to hang in a window.  The easiest way to string them is to run each heart through the sewing machine, pulling several inches of thread through before sewing the next heart, to have one long continuous line of stitches. You could also poke a small hole top and bottom of each heart and thread with string.

We also cut several smaller hearts to make a little valentine tree for our dining table. Remember my spooky Halloween tree? We gave it a little makeover with some pink spray paint and red glitter, to hang our pretty transparent hearts from!

These could also be stitched to the front of a card for a sweet valentine, or stuck to the window with a glue dot for a pretty faux stain glass decoration!

If you have lots of leftovers, go and ‘heart attack’ a friend by sticking a swarm of yummy hearts to their window, door or car window while they’re not looking for a lovely surprise!

I’m willing to bet you have all of the stuff you need for a melted heart right at home (and you know there’s a double meaning in that!)…so go on, snuggle in and get crafty…and have lots of love this Valentine’s Day!

Emily 🙂


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