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I Am Going To Run a Marathon

I am going to run a marathon. I still cannot believe those words come out of my mouth and that I have been training for a marathon for eight weeks now.  I have always wanted to be a runner even though eight weeks ago running a single mile was almost impossible.  I have always looked up to marathon runners for their strength, determination and stamina. It has been on my mind for a few years to run but I have either been pregnant or nursing for three and half years straight and it was pushed to the back of my mind.

When my baby turned one I realized I did not have an excuse any longer!  I logged onto twitter and simply typed, “I want to be a runner, how do I start?” I had some smart aleck replies but one person twittered back recommending a book for marathon running. The book she suggested was, The Non Runners Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener, Tanjala Kole.  I found it online and bought it that second.  As soon as the mailman dropped off the book I read the first couple of chapters and knew I was going to do it.  I jotted down the weeks of training and knew that I would need to find a May marathon to run.  As if it was meant to be there was a marathon the exact weekend just an hour and half away in Ogden, Utah that I quickly signed up for.

I told everyone I knew, online friends, family, and friends in the neighborhood that I was going to run a marathon. You really do not get the best reactions a lot of the time, but it gives you even more reason to run the marathon to prove them wrong! For the past eight weeks I have been working on building up my running base to start the sixteen week program. I am almost embarrassed to say but the goal in building your base it to just be able to run 30 minutes straight. I have just had two babies in a row and am out of shape! Running down the street honestly is hard for me. I am proud to say that after eight weeks of training I can run 30 minutes straight (about 3 miles) and it feels good. It feels really good, empowering. Every neighbor dog likes to chase me, weird guys on the Jordan River Parkway give me the heebie jeebies and I have come to despise running at the gym while some of the physical trainers just annoyingly stare. I have learned weird facts like you really do have to go the bathroom before you run even if you feel that you don’t have to and that running in the cold makes your legs chaff pretty bad. But I am doing it! Do you know what I just love already? The weight loss, the time to myself, how proud I am of myself for running three miles without keeling over and how working towards this personal goal has awoken a part of me. This week I start the real marathon training that they lay out for you in the Non Runners Marathon Training by by David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener, Tanjala Kole.  Wish me luck; check it with you next month!

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