Support Your Local Mama Holiday Gift Guide

The clock is ticking… and the holidays are going to be here before you know it. Can’t figure out what to get for your friends and family this year? Look no further! Once again, we’ve pulled together some wonderful and whimsical gifts for those you love in our 2008 Support Your Local Mama Gift Guide. Happy Holidays!

Modern Mommy: Cherry Blossom Apron
Life is a bowl full of cherry blossoms in this fabulous chef’s apron. And who doesn’t need an apron around the holidays? From cranberries and crowds to pumpkin pie and puppies… don’t make a mess of your new holiday outfit! Best of all, this apron is available in adult AND children’s sizes. Visit Modern Mommy’s Shop Online Page.

Kangaroodle: Bib-A-Roo Full Coverage Bib
Do you ever feel like your kid needs a full-body bib? Well, they’re in luck thanks to Kangaroodle! The Bib-A-Roo Full Coverage Bib protects your little one from their chin to their shins! It is designed to catch spills and stains that often hit their tummy and legs. Best of all, it’s fully reversible! Many patterns to choose from!
Visit Kangaroodle’s Shop Online Page.

KangarooBoo: Soft & Wooden Angels – Holiday Décor
Looking for an untraditional holiday décor idea? Check out KangarooBoo’s wooden and soft angel collections. Each angel features unique colors, darling smiles and happy themes. You’ll love the wooden angel with her violin or the soft Stella angel holding a bright yellow star… there are so many to choose from! Collect all of them to treasure for years to come! Gift tag included! Visit KangarooBoo’s Shop Online Page.

BabyEggi: Days of the Week Onesies
When you bring a new baby home, it’s hard to remember day from night. But, BabyEggi can keep you on track… with the help of your baby’s underwear! Their Days of the Week Onesies will help you remember Monday from Thursday (and if you’ve changed that little one’s undies recently!) The ideal gift for any new parent… Available in English, French or Spanish. Pack of 7 = $28. Visit BabyEggi’s Shop Online Page.

LivingPlaying: Stocking Stuffers
Stockings are where we stash the small – yet special – gifts for Christmas morning.  Wooden race cars, farm animals, flash cards and paper dolls… LivingPlaying has loads of great stocking stuffers! Best of all, they are reasonably priced and perfectly sized for kids of all ages. Visit LivingPlaying’s Shop Online Page.

Little Bits: Mini Security/Lovie Blanket
Every baby will love this soft security blanket with minky on one side and flannel on the other. You might steal it from your little one and snuggle up yourself! It’s a perfect 13×13 inch square—just enough to nuzzle in! Visit Little Bit’s Shop Online Page.

Downloadable Kids Games: Operation Reindeer Games
Rudolph is missing and it’s almost Christmas Eve! Santa has asked your kids to help find him! Gather all the kids you can for this fun and exciting scavenger hunt, just in time for the holidays. Children will follow clues to find Rudolph. Number of participants? Unlimited! Only $19.95! Visit Haley Productions’ Shop Online Page.

NewBornMom: Svan Bouncer – NEW!
The newest arrival to NewBornMom! The Svan Bouncer is the perfect seat for your baby to lounge or nap in. Now they come with a deeper recline allowing baby to lie almost flat.  Another great “green” alternative for your baby! For babies 6 – 30 lbs. Available in many great colors! Visit NewBornMom’s Shop Online Page.

Mom4Life: Snugz TempRite Underclothes
Got snow? Then Snugz TempRite Underclothes are a must! We know snowy fun can also bring a half-frozen, half-sweaty bunch of children back inside after playing . Often they’re in too many stifling layers or not enough waterproof wear. Snugz TempRite Underclcothes are perfect to wear under snow gear this winter and spare your kids some of the “I-can’t-put-my-arms-down” bulk while keeping them warm and dry at the same time. Visit Mom4Life’s Shop Online Page.

Juvie: Too Sweet Cupcake Scarf
An adorable gift for you or your daughter—and even sweeter for all of your friends! This Sweet Scarf is rolled up to appear as a cupcake… but don’t let them eat it! Each scarf is 57″ long and 6″ wide, with a contrasting lettuce edge. Choose your color, aqua, raspberry, orange or purple. View Juvie’s Too Sweet Cupcake Scarf.

PakNaks: PakNak Accessories – Holiday Naks!
The new PakNak Holiday Naks have arrived! Check out Tan N. Baum & Snickerdoodle… perfect little stocking stuffers! What exactly is a PakNak? It’s a fun, soft rubbery 3-D decorations for kids (and adults, too!) to personalize all of their stuff. Backpacks, lunchboxes, headbands, computer bags… you name it!
Visit PakNak’s Shop Online Page.

Couture Invito: Custom Folded Photo Cards
Getting ready to send out your Christmas cards this year? Tired of the basic card or flat photo card? Couture Invito’s Folded Photo Cards are a great alternative to your  traditional Christmas send-outs. Choose your greeting, color and font to create a Holiday Photo Card that is truly your own! Visit Couture Invito’s Shop Online Page.

Regionz Kidz: Children’s Wooden Growth Charts
Is your child stretching to their tippy-toes, just to be one inch taller? Let them show off their growth on a unique and custom-made growth chart from Regionz Kidz. Each chart is made of wood and measures a child from 2-5 feet tall. Also, they’re hand painted and personalized with your child’s name! Visit Regionz Kidz Shop Online Page.


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