Diet on the Down Low…

Guest Post from Women’s Health

Diet on the Down Low…
Dieting is always the most difficult in social situations.   At certain times, it’s not the lack of self control, but the sneers, and sarcastic comments that can drive you over the edge.

Days of being made feel like a food prude are over – Women’s Health reveals subtle strategies to avoid the peer pressure in various situations…

The Mission: T-DAY
With a dining room table covered with your favorite dishes, it’s hard enough to stay strong…

The Opponent: Aunt Ruth – as she eyes your looser-fitting pants, she insistently passes you the smoked-bacon stuffing and cheesy mashed potatoes.

Game plan:

  1. Pile on the vegetable sides and white meat
  2. Put a scoop of sweet potatoes or stuffing smack-dab on top.  It’ll give the illusion that your plate is loaded with unhealthy goodness
  3. Skipping the dark meat and buttery potatoes will save hundreds of calories

The Mission: Party-girl cover

The Opponent: The co-worker who claims that wine spritzers are for hockey moms

Game plan:

  1. Order an extra-spicy Bloody Mary and no one will dare call you a pansy.
  2. Just 110 calories, and Tabasco may actually help to curb your appetite

The Mission: Sunday Football (aka Kick Off and Pig Out)

The Opponent: The guy who doesn’t comprehend how you’re watching football without consuming deep fried food with a six-pack of beer

The Game Plan:

  1. Whip up your own game-time munchies – you’ll score points for cooking up your own snacks, and they’ll never know it’s a low-cal version
  2. Try seven layer dip or onion dip with healthier ingredients i.e. low-fat sour cream and cheese, ground turkey vs. beef, etc.

The Mission: Girls Night Out – sticking to your diet without making your girlfriends feel guilty for splurging

Opponent: Unsupportive, probably insecure, friend who keeps telling you a French fry, and a dab of mayo never hurt anyone

Game Plan:

  1. Order two apps – one healthy dish, like broth-based soup – and explain how so many things on the menu look good, you just can’t decide
  2. Studies also show that soup as a first course can help you shave about 20% of the calories off your meal.

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